Do you like drugs ? Me too

My thoughts have taken their toll, with no place left for me and no place left to go, I don’t know where they’re leasing me anymore, besides, I’ve lost all sense of control.

It’s like my mind breaks the spirit of my heart, first slowly ,then swiftly like a  dart, It stirs up a furor and drains it like a drain, like a painted canvas devoid of art.

Thoughts can’t form normally anymore , I’m trying to take control of ,but the ship has left the shore , there is no way of knowing where the ship is hewdihe now, all I know is that this ship is rotten to the core.

It’s SS melancholy sailing in the sea of misfits again , battling the tides and hiding from the rain , with so much having lost already and nothing to gain,I wonder if this ship can even feel my pain.

It’s happening again,my captain is telling me to walk the plank .”Like that’s gonna solve my problems” I say but his head is blank ,once gripped with a taste for your death ,nothing can stop you I suppose , but if I am killed ,this ship will ride on an enpte tank.

I’ve walked this walk and I’ve talked this talk before, nothing much really to it , except for the gore , I guess thoughts should be euthanized every once in a while too, cause the host can’t take these thoughts no more.




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