We ain’t ever getting older

It's to figure things out as you go on, trying to move on with everything. You mistake hugs from a good friend for something more, you mistake cheek kisses for something else. You mistake yourself . I won't call it a mistake tough. I am fully aware of the fact that it means nothing but … Continue reading We ain’t ever getting older


Classic Twist : I think I’m falling for you

I don't think you understand what love is.Neither do I of course but I really don't think you do. You come up to me and say that you feel it. Something that couldn't have felt for someone else up until now. Something that went from 0-10 in a day for that person but hadn't even … Continue reading Classic Twist : I think I’m falling for you


Shooting stars don't crash and burn, they slowly succumb. To themselves. Once they're all out of light to emit, once they realize how meaningless they are.   They keep running in circles all their life, until one day they realize, it's not circles they've been running in, they're just caught in a downward spiral.   … Continue reading Scintilla